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Junior Camp Class #5 -August 7th-11th, 2023

Lesson 1: Bring your 7-Iron to the Putting Green. Learn the grip, stance, and posture for proper swing set-up. Build your swing by learning the short chip and pitch shots. Use drills and short swing for practice.

Lesson 2: Bring your Putter to the Putting Green. Learn the pendulum stroke and body alignment for proper putting execution. Coverage of breaking putts with focus on distance and direction.

Lesson 3: Bring your 5-Iron to the Range. Begin the full swing with emphasis on arm and shoulder turn. Focus on weight transfer and balance as we complete swing to follow through.

Lesson 4: Bring your 3-Wood and driver to the Range. Continue with full swing building, review the swing check points and begin learning how to hit the fairway woods. Learn new ball position and control of center.

Lesson 5: Bring your bag and clubs to the Golf Course. Play on the course along with your fellow camp members. Experience the “keep pace” program and enjoy your new swing on the golf course. Prizes and awards will be handed out.